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Richard Youell, is a Waterbeach based field sound recordist and photographer who creates moments that explore the multiple juxtapositions between our perception and reality. Inspired by the nuances of the here and now with the contrasts, textures and interplay of light and dark, silence and dissonance, stillness and movement; all of which manifest in both his sound and photographic work.  Richard’s work often resonates with a discordant note that shatters the expected melody, defying the genre and birthing a symphony bathed in the hues of rebellion.


Richard’s photos and field recordings have recently been incorporated into a number of films and BBC radio productions as well as a wide range of musical releases and publications.  Some of Richard’s sound recordings are stored in the National Sound Archive at the British Library. 


Richard returns to SATB after a break of several years pursuing other creative interests, travelling and exploring other random curiosities.  This year Richard intends to exhibit some of the landscape, wildlife, street and music photography that he has worked on over the intervening years as well as contributing samples of his field sound recordings and collaborating with the SoundLab artists.

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Richard Youell

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