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My work is mainly inspired by nature,  which is reflected in my organic forms and textures and use of muted colours.
My work speaks what inspires me at the current time and is really about a celebration of nature and all its wonder and my relationship with it. I'm particularly obsessed it seems with stones and pebbles and the infinite forms and patterns  they take on.

I am mostly a handbuilder working largely in coiled vessels  and some slab and moulded forms also. Coiled pieces can be quite labour intensive  but immensely satisfying. This technique allows  for flexibility  in the shapes  that can be created and also enables me to work at a large scale.   Some of my larger pieces can take months to complete in all their stages
I enjoy the whole process of building and letting the pieces   take their own shape organically.

I like to experiment with textures hence using crank ( grogged  clay) quite frequently.
I enjoy exploring the use of inlay in my pieces  sometimes marrying two different kinds of clay  together.  I love using oxides also and experimenting with the colours and tones they produce.
Most recently  I'm  exploring  more glaze use and slip work  and experimenting with the technique of Sgraffito.

Art Exhibition 21-07-2019 (4).jpg

Sheena Harris

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